Hiking Boots

Footwear that gets far more use than it's namesake. Any day I will walk more than five miles, or 12 when traveling, need something casual to wear when it's raining, or just need to have good grip for working outside I put these on. And yes, it works well for the once or twice in a year I fancy a hike.

Walking 15-20 miles when seeing a city by foot is only possible with something sufficiently comfortable. So far hiking shoes are the only thing that has proven they can handle it.

Good ones should be waterproof and breathable, have good support at the ankles that can be tightened up. Should look reasonably neutral so you can wear them in more occasions. And most importantly, comfortable, if you purchase one and even after 20-50 miles of breaking in they are still not comfortable, find a alternative.

Moab Waterproof

Merrell | $120 | Discontinued

REI| $85 | 2016

I have put these though their paces, wore my first pair for ages, still have them in the garage for yard work.

Fully waterproof, breathable (Goretex like one way vapor membrane). Comfortable with replaceable inserts, available in men's and women's and a broad range of sizes. I had to size up by a whole number, so I wear a 8.5 US. Come in a few colors that change yearly but there is almost always some muted options that let's you wear them in more situations.

They are quite large to travel with especially with just a 20L day-pack but I have never had these shoes act as the limiting factor. It's always been a lack of time, or fatigue of my legs.

With a ~20% usage rate (Time spent in this shoe / time spent in shoes) I have had the last pair last for three years or so. I would approximate 2000 miles.

They are open enough to work in warmer climates although they will always feel warmer than normal shoes.

Moab Waterproof Mid

Merrell | $130 | Discontinued

REI | $115 | 2012

REI | $64.51 | 2018

Same as the mid, but stops higher up the ankles. Allows you to lace higher up for more support, water shedding, and warmth. Moving to Berlin I switched to these as they were warmer and more specialized for the climate. If you expect to wear them continuously when it's above 90° outside go with the shorter ones.

Moab 2 Waterproof

Merrell | $120

A replacement for the original Moab Waterproof design. I presume they will be extremely similar so consider that as the matching description.


Moab 2 Waterproof Mid

Merrell | $130

Replacement for the waterproof Moab mid, same size and look. The description for the Moab Waterproof Mid should be close.