Food Storage Container

Tupperware was big back in the day.

Whether for meal prep, leftovers, potlucks, deserts, lunch for work, or just some groceries you need to put somewhere. Food storage containers are good for splitting up, and preserving meals in and out of the refrigerator.

A few important considerations come into play, the lid must seal tightly and easily, and you should be sure that it has sealed all the way. The seal should be air and watertight so items inside can be frozen without damage. If there is any worry that the container could leak or open unexpectedly, it's not worth your mental stability. The container sizes should be varied, so you can have the size needed for the food, and stackable, both closed and open. The body should be glass, more specifically borosilicate glass if possible. Glass does not retain any odors or color, can be washed easily, and can be used as bakeware. The downsides are the increased weight and fragility.

Clip and Close Glas


500/900/1300ml | 20 EUR | 2018

700ml | 8 EUR | 2019

Set of empty containers.

Some really well made, by a local German company that fulfils all the requirements. They are expensive comparatively, but should last forever. Replacement lids are not available to my knowledge, but if the seals wear out in a decade, I would check to see if they are willing to sell them separately. The glass containers are available in the following sizes: 200ml, 500ml, 700ml, 900ml, 1300ml, 2000ml, 3000ml.